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A Leadership Coaching Story: K. M, EU Senior Approvals Manager

"Muriel is great at actively listening and reframing my questions or statements to help me find further insight or answers for myself. Muriel is non-judgmental and creates a safe space in which I felt able to speak freely.

Muriel helped me to explore what it means to be a senior manager and how that might look for me, she also helped me to explore how I can retain the aspects of hands on people management that I enjoy but how to apply these at a more senior level.

Muriel helped me to understand and explore what is covered in my remit as a manager but also what is not. Muriel helped me to understand that responsibilities that team members expect us to solve are sometimes beyond our capacity to solve and that is ok. Muriel helped me to understand that it’s ok to draft in help from HR or external support agencies when appropriate.

I think you’re fantastic at what you do and it’s been a relief to be able to discuss certain topics with you – thank you. "

K. M.

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