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A Leadership Coaching Story: Paul Horgan, Branch Manager

"Due to the nature of my role, I can seem very challenging and can seem very hectic. You were able to see through this and see the real me. You showed empathy towards my situation that made me feel at ease. Even when I was behind in my work, you always managed to make me feel like I was in control. You gave me clear advice and kept me focused on my controllable tasks.

The biggest area of my leadership that you have helped me improve is the art of delegation. Not that I found it difficult to delegate but I found that I had to do it myself, so I felt in control and I knew where I was at any time. You allowed me to see this by asking questions of what I could do, what would be an ideal situation.

I have been a manger for nearly 18 years and I have always found ways to get the task done. This however can have an impact on me personally. By coaching me through some of my most challenging times during this last year you have made me understand myself better. You have helped me identify what is important to me and what my strengths and weaknesses are. This has helped me take real enthusiasm from my strengths and allow me to seek knowledge to improve my weaknesses. By taking the approach you have with me this has allowed me to focus my time and energy on things that are important making the personal impact of my role minimal."


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