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A Leadership Coaching Story: Veronika Janus, Content Enrichment Executive

"Muriel shows appropriate behaviour and gestures, such as nodding or keeping eye contact to indicate attention and agreement. She does not jump in straight away with the answer, she listens to understand rather than listens to answer.

Muriel has high emotional intelligence and is good at understanding and relating to all types of people. In the time that we spent together I found a lot of value and different perspective on every aspect we discussed in the sessions. And I can honestly say that it helped me to approach work related or even life related situations in more effective way. I would highly recommend her as a coach.

She has helped me become more self-aware and recognize my areas of development, then advising me on what needs to be improved on. Her continued encouragement and support throughout the programme has helped me increase my resilience. Sparking an idea that I already had, but was not aware of, Muriel brought them out by coaching and suggested an appropriate approach."


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